Pole Dancing or Pole Fitness: Which fits you best?

Courtesy of Pole Control Studios Hartford Ct

Pole Dancing Classes
Pole Fitness Classes
Theres a common mis conception about  pole facilities. Most women do not know there is a difference in Pole Dance Schools Vrs Pole Fitness Facilities. A good way to know off the bat is check there website and look for the following cues. Studios or instructors that emphasize sexy moves and floor grinds are pole dancing classes. Facilities that emphasize slow training regimes over a period of months to a year offer Pole fitness classes. It all depends on what you are looking for as for which will work best for you.

  • Pole Fitness classes are best experienced alone or with strangers. You will make friend with common minded individuals with goals for overall fitness and health
  • Pole Fitness classes will usually require a pre requisite or an introduction class. This class can be anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour long focusing on the rudiments of pole fitness.
  • Pole Fitness class require the use of a single private pole. The moves you will learn will be brief introductions to your basics you will build upon with consecutive classes.
  •  Pole fitness classes requires a class curriculum for each level based on there strengths.
  •  There is s required registration process to legally cover each student under studios insurance.
  • Students are required to dress accordingly to a fitness base grip policy no embellishments Cinderella shoes.
  • Pole fitness instructors will have 5 or more years experience

Rose McGowen

  • Pole dance classes are best experienced with friends or family
  • Pole dance class will offer a sexy warm up mostly a floor work routine teaching booty bumps grinds winds and lap dance technique. Pole technique in a Pole dance class is less emphasizes and moderately difficult moves are taught and displayed.
  • Pole dance classes may double or triple book there pole for sharing during a class. You most likely will learn to walk with great emphasis on technique.
  • The ambiance will feel similar to a party with many welcomed interruptions and a lackadaisical approach to time.
  • You may have the option to walk in with very little or no pre registration information needed.
  •  Pole dance class gives you the option to dress to impress or dress comfortably.
  • Pole dance instructors will have 6 months to 5 years experience

Neither of the types focus on teaching or preparing strip club amateurs for the industry. They both focus on empowering women to demand there right  to be strong sensual  & confident within all rights bruised like any other athlete or dancer. Overall if you are seeking a facility to check off your bucket list then by all means take a pole dance class or host a pole party. Seeking a fitness option that is fun and addictive take pole fitness classes.